ARCTIC MX-4 8g Thermal Paste Performance for all processors (CPU, GPU – PC, PS4, XBOX), high thermal conductivity.

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Arctic MX-4 8g Premium Performance Thermal Paste / Compound CPU, GPU, PC, PS4 and XBOX


2.50 g/cm³


870 poise


3.8 X 1013 Ω-cm

Volume Resistivity

-50~150 °C

Continuous Use Temp.


Proven quality Premium Thermal Compound

While the packaging of our Arctic MX-4 8g thermal paste has changed several times over the years, the composition of the formula has remained the same. Our MX pastes have long stood for high performance and quality, and with our new, recyclable packaging, we aim to reduce CO2 emissions and thus make a contribution to the environment.


Highest thermal conductivity

The surfaces of processor chips and cooler floors are covered with microscopic dents; ARCTIC‘s MX-4 thermal paste is composed of carbon microparticles which fill these cavities. This leads to extremely high thermal conductivity, guaranteeing that heat is dissipated quickly and efficiently from the CPU or GPU. With its outstanding performance, the MX-4 is not only an excellent choice for overclockers and enthusiasts, but also for other sapplications that require thermal transmission.


Secure usage With MX-4 8g

In contrast to pastes based on metal oxides or liquid metal, ARCTIC’s MX-4 is metal-free and not electrically conductive. This eliminates the risk of short circuiting, and eliminates the need to worry about corrosion damage to the radiator floor caused by liquid metal.


Innovative Design Enables Quiet and Efficient Ventilation

The innovative design of the fan blades improves the air flow and facilitates a highly efficient ventilation. The impeller was designed with a focus on minimzing the noise level yet delivering the desired airflow and pressure.


Since the mere thermal conductivity value cannot provide any information about the actual performance, we put our thermal grease up against a broad field of competitors under laboratory conditions. The temperature difference between CPU and cooler base was measured.


Technical Specifications MX-4

General Data

Density: 2.50 g/cm³

Viscosity: 870 Poise

Volume Resistivity: 3.8 X 10^13 Ω-cm

Continuous Use Temperature: -50~150 °C

Colour: Grey

Promise: 8 Year Durabillity

ARCTIC Thermal Paste Suitable for CPU, GPU – PC, PS4 XBOX Please click Here for MX-4 2g, 4g or 20g

ARCTIC, a leading manufacturer of low-noise PC coolers and components, initiated and continues to shape the trend towards quiet cooling systems. In addition to an extensive range of CPU/GPU coolers and fans..



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Weight 28 g






Manufacturer Warranty

8 Years