Corsair Type 4 6 Pin to 4 Molex Modular Power Supply Type3 White Cable RMx HXi HX


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Corsair Molex/PATA Type 4 White Cable Original 6 Pin Male to 4 Molex Sleeved

Corsair Corsair Type 4 6 Pin to 4 Molex Modular Power Supply Type3 White Cable RMx HXi
All the information's are shown on graphics and description. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us and please provide photo of your Corsair PSU label. WARNING: Due to the electrical pinout cables and the unique electrical pinout designed for your power supply, using these cables with a non-certified or unsupported power supply may cause irreparable harm to your power supply, cables, and/or any connected devices. PCBOOST expressly disclaims any damage caused by or attributed to use of this cable with any power supplies that are not certified for use with this cables.

Corsair Cables Molex Type 4 White Compatible with the power supplies listed below as type 4 and type 3


Compatible With Corsair HX1200 HX1000 HX850 HX750

PSU HX Series™ HX Platinum Power Supplies, 80 PLUS® Fully Modular


Compatible With Corsair RM1000x RM850x RM750x RM650x RM550x Black/White

Corsair RMx series power supplies 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, Fully Modular, It will work with new models of RMx as well.

Compatible With Corsair RM1000i RM850i RM750i RM650i

Corsair RMi series power supplies 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, Fully Modular


Compatible With Corsair HX1200 HX1000 HX850 HX750

PSU HX Series™ HX Platinum Power Supplies, 80 PLUS® Fully Modular


Compatible With HX1000i HX1500i 2021 Gen

Corsair HXi series power supplies 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, Fully Modular. Do not make confusion with HXi blue label as those psu are clasified type3


Compatible With AX1600i

Corsair Sata/PATA Type 4  White

SF-750-cables-Corsair Type 4 Pcie

Compatible With SF750 SF650 SF450

ThisMotherboard cable is compatible with SF PSU, however cable management may be harder.


Compatible With Corsair RM850 RM750 RM650 Black/White Models

New Generation of PSU 2021  and also gen 2019. Exclusion RM psu with orange label/logo

This Corsair cable is also compatible with Type 3 Power supplies listed below


Compatible With Titanium PSU AX1500i AX1200i AX860i AX760i

THE BEST ENTHUSIAST PC POWER SUPPLY YOU CAN OWN,  Amp circuits of 115V or higher, and 80 PLUS certification with an incredible 94% efficiency rating


Compatible With Platinum HX1200i HX1000i HX850i HX750i

HIGH POWER AND INCREDIBLE EFFICIENCY, HXi Series™ power supplies give you extremely tight voltage control


Compatible With Gold HX1200 HX1000 HX850 HX750 HX650

Quiet operation at low loads, modular cabling and 80 PLUS® Gold efficiency makes HX Series PSUs a great choice for high-performance PCs.


Compatible With CorsairRM1000 RM850 RM750 RM650 RM550 RM450 Orange Label

CORSAIR RM Series™ are fully modular, optimized for silence, and deliver gold-rated efficiency. Flat black modular cables help ensure fast and neat builds


Compatible With TX850m TX750M TX650M TX550M orange label

Based on the award-winning Enthusiast Series TX V2 line, Enthusiast Series Modular PSUs add a modular cabling system for improved installation flexibility

Compatible With CX850M CX750M CX650M CX550M CX430M

Semi Modular PSu compatible with type 4 and type 3 cables

Compatible With CS850M CS750M CS650M CS550M

Gold Power supply, Semi Modula

For any Corsair cables type 4 or type 3 Please Click here

Additional information




Cable Length

85CM max

To Fit

Type 3 PSU


Type 4 PSU


6-Pin To Molex





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